Italian Word of the Day: Conchiglia (shell)

The word for a shell, or seashell, in Italian is just as beautiful as the object itself: conchiglia. It can be traced back to the Latin conchylium which in turn comes from the Greek konkhýlion, a derivative of kónkhē meaning “concavity”. So if you ever have trouble recalling this word, just remember that shells are “concave”!

italian word for shell

Conchiglia is a feminine noun, so it takes the following definite and indefinite articles:

  • la conchiglia = the shell
  • le conchiglie = the shells
  • una conchiglia = a shell
  • (delle) conchiglie = (some) shells

Ho trovato una bellissima conchiglia sulla spiaggia.

I found a beautiful shell on the beach.

beautiful shells

Conchiglia is also the name given to various decorative and non-decorative objects whose shape is reminiscent of a shell. These include:

  • punto a conchiglia = shell-stitch (crochet)
  • conchiglia protettiva = protective cup for groin (used in sports)
  • conchiglia = conch (the roof of a semicircular apse)

In its plural form conchiglie, it refers to a kind of shell-shaped pasta used in soups and other dishes.

Yellow Conchiglie Rigate PAsta with basil leaves

To say that something is shaped like a shell, you can use the phrase a (forma di) conchiglia.

Il nostro portachiavi è a forma di conchiglia.

Our keychain is shaped like a shell.

Note that you cannot use the word conchiglia to refer to shells that don’t belong to marine molluscs, such as the shell of an egg or nut, or a snail shell. In this case, you need to use the word guscio instead.

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