Italian Word of the Day: Cucina (kitchen)

The room in the house where all the cooking is done is called a cucina (feminine, plural: cucine) in Italian.

IPA: /kuˈtʃina/

It is closely related to the verb cucinare which, as you’ve probably guessed, means to cook.

Ho cucinato un pollo in cucina oggi.

I cooked a chicken in the kitchen today.

When talking about the layout of the kitchen, you may find it useful to know some of the following terms:

  • credenza = kitchen cabinet
  • piano di lavoro / top = kitchen counter
  • lavandino = sink
  • tavolo da cucina = kitchen table
  • cassetto = drawer
  • frigorifero = refrigerator
  • forno = oven
  • fornello = burner
  • freezer = freezer
  • lavastoviglie / lavapiatti = dishwasher

Cucina can also refer more specifically to the furniture and fittings that make up the kitchen. If you hear an Italian say that his rented accommodation comes without a kitchen (senza cucina), he isn’t saying that the room doesn’t exist but rather that it isn’t yet equipped.

Questo appartamento è semi-arredato e la cucina è nuova di zecca.

This apartment is partly furnished and the kitchen is brand new.

A third meaning of cucina is cooking or cuisine.

La cucina italiana è la mia preferita in assoluto.

Italian cuisine is my absolute favourite.

Finally cucina can refer specifically to the stove or range where the cooking is done.

Mia nonna usa una vecchia cucina con quattro fornelli.

My grandmother uses an old stove with four burners.

Happy family. Mom and daughter prepare pastries in the kitchen. The concept of a loving family and family values. Healthy home food.

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