Italian Word of the Day: Ritrovo (meeting place / haunt)

Ritrovo (masculine, plural ritrovi) is the word for meeting place, haunt, or hangout in Italian. More specifically, it refers to a place where several people meet on a regular basis to chat amicably, or to entertain themselves with a common interest.


It comes from the verbs ritrovare (to find again / to recover) and ritrovarsi (to meet again / to end up), both of which are a combination of the repetitive prefix ri- (again) and trovare (to find / meet).

Un tempo quel bar era il ritrovo preferito dei giovani.

That cafe was once the favourite haunt of youngsters.

A night-club is known as ritrovo notturno in Italian.

In addition to a place where people meet, ritrovo can also translate as meeting or get-together itself. Fare ritrovo (lit: to do a meeting) is simply another way of saying ritrovarsi.

Group of friendly young people toasting with cocktails during hangout
Scelsero come luogo di ritrovo una villa in Toscana. – They chose a villa in Tuscany as a meeting place.

Some possible synonyms for ritrovo include:

  • adunata = gathering
  • incontro = meeting
  • raduno = gathering
  • luogo di ritrovo = meeting place

If you want to say meeting point in Italian, you can use punto di ritrovo. It is also possible to use the borrowed French term rendez-vous in Italian, just as we do in English.

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