Italian Word of the Day: Forchetta (fork)

The word for fork in Italian is forchetta. It is the diminutive form of the word forca (pitchfork), which comes from the Latin furca.

italian word forchetta

Here are the definite and indefinite articles that must be used with this feminine noun:

la forchetta
the fork

una forchetta
a fork

le forchette
the forks

delle forchette
(some) forks

A few different kinds of forchette with which you may be familiar include:

  • forchetta di plastica = plastic fork
  • forchetta da tavola = dinner fork
  • forchetta d’argento = silver fork
  • forchettone = carving fork
  • forchetta di acciaio = steel fork
  • forchetta da dessert = dessert fork

Ti sei dimenticato di aggiungere le forchette quando hai apparecchiato il tavolo.

You forgot to add the forks when you laid the table.

A metal fork against a background of plastic forks
Preferisco usare una forchetta di metallo piuttosto che una di plastica. = I prefer using a metal fork to a plastic one.

From forchetta, we get the word forchettata, which means both a forkful (of food), and somewhat amusingly, the act of stabbing someone or something with a fork.

Mi ha dato una forchettata sulla mano che mi ha fatto urlare dal dolore!

He stabbed my hand with a fork and made me scream in pain!
(lit. He gave my hand a fork-stabbing that made me scream in pain.)

Idioms featuring the word ‘forchetta’

Essere una buona forchetta

Literal translation: to be a good fork
English meaning: to be a hearty eater

Parlare in punta di forchetta 

Literal translation: to speak on the tip of the fork
English meaning: to pick one’s words

Una colazione alla forchetta

Literal translation: a fork breakfast
English meaning: a breakfast composed of cold dishes, for which it is necessary to use a fork

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