How to Say “Wreath” in Italian – Ghirlanda

The Italian word for wreath or garland is ghirlanda. Although its origin is uncertain, it is thought that it might derive from the Provençal word guirlanda.

italian word ghirlanda

Ghirlanda is a feminine noun whose plural form is ghirlande.

la ghirlanda
the wreath

una ghirlanda
a wreath

le ghirlande
the wreaths

delle ghirlande
(some) wreaths

Lucia sta attaccando una ghirlanda fatta a mano sulla porta.

Lucia is putting a handmade wreath on the door.

christmas wreath on green door
Una ghirlanda sulla porta d’ingresso. = A garland on the entrance door.

Some different kinds of wreaths include:

  • una ghirlanda natalizia = a Christmas wreath
  • una ghirlanda d’alloro = a laurel wreath
  • una ghirlanda di margherite = a daisy chain
  • una ghirlanda commemorativa = a memorial wreath

Mi insegni a intrecciare una ghirlanda di fiori?

Can you teach me how to weave a flower garland?

From this word derives the uncommon noun ghirlandaio, which means a person who makes or sell garlands.

There are also the verbs ghirlandare / ghirlandarsi or inghirlandare / inghirlandarsi that mean to decorate with garlands or to wear a garland. They are not very common either.

Italian young graduated boy with the triumphal laurel wreath on his head.
Marco si è appena laureato e indossa una ghirlanda d’alloro. = Marco just graduated and is wearing a laurel wreath.

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