Italian Word of the Day: Gratificante (rewarding)

The word gratificante in Italian can translate as rewarding, gratifying, satisfying or fulfilling. It is almost always used in reference to a job, activity or relationship that provides satisfaction and pleasure.


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Gratificante comes from the verb gratificare meaning to be rewarding or to be gratifying, but also to compensate when talking about money.

Gratificante is one of those adjectives whose form only changes for the plural, not for the gender. For example:

  • un lavoro gratificante (masculine, singular)
  • un’attività gratificante (feminine, singular)
  • dei lavori gratificanti (masculine, plural)
  • delle attività gratificanti (feminine, plural)

Finalmente ho trovato un lavoro gratificante che mi rende felice.

I’ve finally found a rewarding job that makes me happy.

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È fortunata ad avere un lavoro così gratificante. – She’s lucky to have such a rewarding job.

To say that something isn’t rewarding, you can use the expressions scarsamente gratificante, poco gratificante or more simply, non gratificante.

Lavorare per quell’azienda è poco gratificante, però almeno mi danno tanti giorni di ferie.

It’s not very rewarding working for that company, but at least they give me a lot of days off.

Additionally, you can use the antonyms deludente (disappointing), insoddisfacente (unsatisfying) or frustrante (frustrating).

On the other hand, two possible synonyms for our word of the day are appagante and soddisfacente.

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