Italian Word of the Day: Pozzanghera (puddle)

The Italian word pozzanghera describes a muddy or dirty puddle or pool of water on the ground.

/poz·zàn·ghe·ra/ -[potˈtsangera]


It is a feminine noun, so it takes the following definite and indefinite articles:

  • la pozzanghera = the puddle
  • le pozzanghere = the puddles
  • una pozzanghera = a puddle
  • delle pozzanghere = (some) puddles

It is derived from the noun pozza (puddle / pool), with a double diminutive suffix, and can be traced back to the late medieval Latin puzacara. Whereas pozza can refer generically to any pool of liquid (including water, milk, juice and so on), pozzanghera is specifically used for puddles formed by rainwater.


While pozzanghera already suggests that the water is dirty, you can explicitly specify by adding the descriptor di fango (of mud) afterward.

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