Italian Word of the Day: Premuroso (thoughtful / caring / attentive)

The Italian word used to describe someone who is caring, attentive and thoughtful is premuroso. It derives from the noun premura, meaning attention or care, which in turn comes from the verb premere (which literally means “to press / push” but also has the figurative meaning “to matter / be of importance“).

/pre·mu·ró·so/ – [premuˈroso]
Italian word 'premuroso'

Since it is an adjective, its ending changes depending on the gender and number of the subject:

  • l’uomo premuroso = the caring man
  • la donna premurosa = the caring woman
  • gli uomini premurosi = the caring men
  • le donne premurose = the caring women

If you want to say “caring towards (someone),” you can use the prepositions con (with) or verso (towards).

Mother's hands cuddling her daughter.
Ha una mamma premurosa. = She has a caring mom.

Some possible synonyms for premuroso include attento, carino, affettuoso, and riguardoso.

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