Italian Word of the Day: Ruvido (rough / uneven)

If you want to describe a surface that is rough or uneven rather than smooth (liscio), you can use the adjective ruvido.

/rù·vi·do/ – [ˈruvido]
Italian word "ruvido"

Since ruvido is an adjective, it has masculine, feminine and plural forms:

  • un tavolo ruvido / dei tavoli ruvidi = an uneven table / (some) uneven tables
  • una superficie ruvida / delle superfici ruvide = a rough surface / (some) rough surfaces

The word is derived from the Vulgar Latin *ru(g)ĭdum, is a derivative of ruga, meaning wrinkle.

Closeup surface of old blue cracked paint.

Like the English word rough, ruvido can also refer figuratively to someone with an abrasive, gruff or abrupt character, in addition to the behaviour, manners and words of said person.

Finally, it can describe something with a harsh flavour, such as a bitter wine (vino ruvido).

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