Italian Word of the Day: Visto che (given that / since)

Today we will be talking about visto che, a very useful Italian conjunction that can be translated in numerous ways, including:

  • since
  • given that
  • seeing that
  • considering that
  • because
  • in view of the fact that
/vì·sto ché/
cover image with the word “visto che” and its translation written on a notepad next to a cup of cofee

Visto che introduces a causal clause (a clause that expresses the reason of the main clause) with the verb in the indicative mood, not the subjunctive.

Visto che era stanco, l’ho messo a dormire subito dopo cena.

Since he was tired, I put him to sleep right after supper.

When referring directly to a noun, visto should be used without che, but keep in mind that in that instance, it becomes an adjective and therefore must correspond in gender and number to the noun. For example:

  • Visto il risultato… = Given the result…
  • Visti i prezzi… = Given the prices…
  • Vista la fatica… = Given the effort…
  • Viste le difficoltà… = Given the difficulties…

Sono abbastanza soddisfatto del risultato viste le difficoltà che abbiamo incontrato.

I am quite satisfied with the result given the difficulties we encountered.

Happy father is pulling child on sled walking on frosty winter day outdoors. Beautiful evening sunlight.Dato che è una bella giornata, dovremmo andare in slittino!
Visto che è uscito il sole, andiamo a giocare fuori! = Since the sun has come out, let’s go play outside!

Sometimes you may hear the colloquial expression visto e considerato che which literally means “seeing and considering that”.

Some common synonyms for visto che include:

  • dato che
  • siccome
  • considerato che
  • giacché
  • poiché
  • in quanto

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