Italian Easter Words & Phrases You Need to Know

Easter is just days away and that means it’s time to paint some eggs, spend time with the people you love, and of course, brush up on your Italian Easter vocabulary if you haven’t done so already! 😉

Perhaps your goal is to be able to say a few phrases when you call or write to your Italian relatives at Easter, or maybe you’re just curious to pick up some new words and expressions. No matter what your motivation is, this article will get you hopping in the right direction!

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Happy Easter Greetings & Wishes in Italian

The way you would say Happy Easter! in Italian is Buona Pasqua! which literally translates as Good Easter!

Learn how to say ‘Buona Pasqua’ with our video!

A longer expression you will certainly hear is Auguri di (Buona) Pasqua! which translates as Best Wishes for (a Happy) Easter! This can often be shortened to just Auguri! (Best wishes!) or Tanti auguri! (Many wishes!) if all parties know what the festive occasion is.

If you are preparing an Easter greeting card for someone, you may prefer to choose a longer or more formal greeting. Below are a few phrases that are commonly used:

Auguro a tutti voi una Buona Pasqua.

I wish you all a Happy Easter.

Buona Pasqua, amico mio! (to a man)
Buona Pasqua, amica mia! (to a woman)

Happy Easter, my friend!

Buona Pasqua a tutti!

Happy Easter everyone!

Buona Pasqua a te e famiglia! (informal)
Buona Pasqua a Lei e alla Sua famiglia! (formal)
Buona Pasqua a voi e alla vostra famiglia! (plural)

Happy Easter to you and your family!

Ti auguro una serena e buona Pasqua! (informal)
Le auguro una serena e buona Pasqua! (formal)
Vi auguro una serena e buona Pasqua! (plural)

I wish you a serene and happy Easter!

Italian Easter Vocabulary

If your aim is to improve your Italian Easter vocabulary, we suggest writing these words down on some flashcards and practising them daily. You can also find out more about many of these words by following the link to each of their respective ‘word of the day’ articles. Buon divertimento! (Have fun!)

italian easter greetings and words

1. Pasqua

English translation: Easter
Related terms worth learning: Pasqua bassa (late Easter in April), Pasqua alta (early Easter in March), pasquale (Easter as an adjective, paschal)

2. Coniglietto pasquale

English translation: Easter Bunny
Also known as: Coniglietto di Pasqua

3. Venerdì Santo

English translation: Good Friday

4. Colomba

English translation: dove

5. Uovo di Pasqua

English translation: Easter egg

6. Agnello

English translation: lamb

7. Pace

English translation: peace

8. Domenica delle Palme

English translation: Palm Sunday (the Sunday before Easter Sunday)

9. Pulcino

English translation: chick

10. Ramoscello d’ulivo

English translation: olive branch

11. Pasquetta

English translation: Easter Monday
Also known as: Lunedì dell’Angelo

12. Campana

English translation: bell

13. Croce

English translation: cross

14. Quaresima

English translation: Lent

15. Chiesa

English translation: church

16. Risorto

English translation: rebirth, rise from the dead

17. Cioccolato

English translation: chocolate

18. Cestino

English translation: basket

19. Gesù

English translation: Jesus

20. Resurrezione

English translation: resurrection

Easter Idioms & Expressions

Natale coi tuoi, Pasqua con chi vuoi.

Literal translation: Christmas with your family, Easter with whomever you want.
English meaning: Traditionally, Christmas is spent with the family whereas Easter can be spent with friends and acquaintances.

Contento come una pasqua

Literal translation: Happy as an Easter
English meaning: to be extremely happy

Fare il giro delle sette chiese

Literal translation: to visit the seven churches
English meaning: the expression stems from the precept that every good Christian should visit seven churches on Good Friday

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