Italian Phrase: Buona Festa del Papà! (Happy Father’s Day!)

Father’s Day (known as la Festa del Papà in Italian) is celebrated on different days around the world, just like Mother’s Day.

In most countries including the United States, Canada, France and Japan, the customary day for the celebration of fatherhood takes place on the third Sunday in June but in Italy, it always falls on March 19th, which is also the feast day of Saint Joseph in the Catholic religion. It is thought that the celebration of Father’s Day dates back to at least 1508.

Note: The reason I decided to write about the phrase Happy Father’s Day today rather than on the day of the Italian celebration is because the vast majority of our visitors come from countries where it is held in June.

dad kissing his daughter
Il papà affettuoso da un bacio alla sua bambina. = The affectionate dad gives a kiss to his daughter.

The way you would say Happy Father’s Day! in Italian is Buona Festa del Papà! You can hear exactly how it should be pronounced below.

Buona ( good ) + Festa ( party, celebration ) + del ( of the ) + Papà ( dad, father )

Happy Father’s Day!

An alternative way of saying the same greeting is Felice Festa del Papà! with felice meaning happy.

Felice Festa del Papà!

Happy Father’s Day!

If you are writing to someone who is celebrating his very first Father’s Day, simply insert the word prima (first) in between buona and festa.

Buona Prima Festa del Papà!

Happy First Father’s Day!

Those of you who are planning to write your father a greeting card (biglietto di auguri), email or text in Italian might want to consider including some of the following greetings in your message:

  • Tanti auguri, Papà! = Best wishes, Dad!
  • Ti voglio bene, Papà! = I love you, Dad!
  • Al papà migliore del mondo… = To the best dad in the world…
  • Sei un papà fantastico! = You’re a fantastic dad!
  • Papà, sei unico! = Dad, you’re one of a kind!

You could also surprise him with an unexpected gift (regalo) such as chocolates (cioccolatini), a bottle of wine (vino) or beer (birra), a special mug (tazza) or something homemade (qualcosa fatto a mano).

dad teaching his son to cook
Un papà che insegna a suo figlio a cucinare = A father teaching his son how to cook

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