Italian Word of the Day: Bislacco (eccentric / weird)

Bislacco is one way of saying eccentric, weird or quirky in Italian. It is thought to derive from the Venetian bislaco, which in turn comes from the Slovene word bezjak meaning silly. It was a nickname given to the Venetians of Friuli and the Slavs of Istria.


Because it is an adjective, the ending changes depending on the gender and/or plurality of the subject in question:

  • bislacco = masculine, singular
  • bislacca = feminine, singular
  • bislacchi = masculine, plural
  • bislacche = feminine, plural

Non ho intenzione di investire nel tuo progetto bislacco!

I don’t have any intention of investing in your weird project!

Bislacco can be used to describe people (e.g. un uomo bislacco = an eccentric man or un cervello bislacco = an eccentric brain) or things (e.g. un’idea bislacca = an eccentric idea).

Woman with oranges covering her eyes
Una persona bislacca = A weird person

Bislaccamente is another way of saying in modo bislacco (in a strange way).

Some possible synonyms for bislacco include:

  • bizzarro = bizarre
  • stravagante = odd
  • strano = strange
  • strambo = odd
  • eccentrico = eccentric

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