Italian Word of the Day: Chiacchierone (chatterbox)

Do you know someone who can talk the hind legs off a donkey? If so, you’ll definitely be keen to learn today’s word of the day!

Chiacchierone is what you would call a very talkative man, with the best English translation being chatterbox or talker.


The feminine and plural equivalents are as follows:

  • chiacchierona = singular, feminine
  • chiacchieroni = plural, masculine
  • chiacchierone = plural, feminine (as you may have noticed, it is the same as the masculine singular)

Mio padre è noto nel villaggio per essere un gran chiacchierone.

My father is known in the village as a chatterbox.

black woman chatting with white man
Quei due sono dei veri chiacchieroni! – Those two are real chatterboxes!

It derives from the verb chiacchierare which means to chat and is related to the terms chiacchiere (chit-chat, small talk), chiacchierata (gossip) and chiacchierato (a person people gossip about).

In a pejorative sense, it can also refer to someone who is incapable of keeping a secret. Possible English translations include blabbermouth and bigmouth.

Non dire niente a quel chiacchierone. Lo spiffererà a tutti!

Don’t say anything to that blabbermouth. He’ll tell everyone!

Chiacchierone, along with its feminine and plural equivalents, also functions as an adjective when it modifies a noun. For example, you can say una ragazza chiacchierona (a chatty girl) or i bambini chiacchieroni (the talkative children).

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