Italian Word of the Day: Buongustaio (gourmet / foodie)

A connoisseur of good food is known as a buongustaio (masculine, plural: buongustai) in Italian. It is made up of the following three parts:

buon (good) + gustare (to taste / savour) + aio (a suffix used to form agent nouns)

IPA: /bwon.ɡusˈ

Unlike a mangione (a person who eats a lot) or a golosone (a person who cannot resist eating large quantities of certain kinds of foods), a buongustaio has a deep appreciation and understanding of good food but rarely overeats.

Lasciamo decidere al buongustaio che cosa ordinare.

Let the gourmet decide what to order.

Amici buongustai preparano una cena insieme. = Gourmet friends prepare a dinner together.

An extended meaning of buongustaio is someone who is an expert judge in matters of taste.

Marco è un buongustaio in fatto di sigari.

Marco really knows his cigars.

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