Italian Word of the Day: Gettonato (popular / well-liked)

Gettonato is an adjective that has interesting links to the early days of popular music. Although today it can denote almost anything that is popular or well-liked, it used to refer specifically to popular songs or singers.


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To understand why, we need to take a deeper look at the origin of the word. It comes from gettonare, a verb meaning to play a song on a jukebox, and this verb in turn derives from the term juke-box a gettoni (coin-operated jukebox). If a singer or song was gettonato, it meant it was regularly played on the jukebox, and therefore popular.

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Ascolto la canzone più gettonata del mese. = I’m listening to the most popular song of the month.

Gettone means token in Italian and the verb gettonare can also describe the action of making a phone call with a coin-operated public telephone.

The feminine form is gettonata whereas the respective plurals are gettonati and gettonate.

  • un cantante gettonato = a popular singer
  • una canzone gettonata = a popular song
  • dei cantanti gettonati = popular singers
  • delle canzoni gettonate = popular songs

Il nuovo brano di Ligabue è la canzone più gettonata del momento.

Ligabue’s new single is the most popular song at the moment.

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Un cantante gettonato – A popular singer

As we mentioned above, you can use gettonato these days in a colloquial way to describe anything considered popular including people (persone), places (posti) and ideas (idee).

Questo è il locale più gettonato di Torino.

This is the most popular nightclub in Turin.

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