Italian Word of the Day: Idoneo (fit / suitable / adequate)

The word idoneo in Italian is used to describe someone or something that is suitable, fit, appropriate or qualified for a given purpose. It derives from the Latin idonĕus of the same meaning.

italian word idoneo

Being an adjective, the -o ending changes in accordance with the gender and/or plurality of the subject it describes.

  • il giorno idoneo = the suitable day
  • la sede idonea = the suitable location
  • i giorni idonei = the suitable days
  • le sedi idonee = the suitable locations

Idoneo is usually followed by the prepositions a (to) or per (for) as in the following examples.

Il ragazzo è idoneo al servizio militare.

The young man is fit for military service.

Non è il momento idoneo per parlarne.

This isn’t the appropriate time to talk about it.

Recruiter addressing job candidates waiting for interviews
Deve scegliere il candidato più idoneo per il posto di lavoro. = He has to choose the most suitable candidate for the job.

Some synonyms for idoneo are:

  • capace = able
  • adatto = suitable
  • adeguato = adequate
  • opportuno = opportune
  • appropriato = appropriate

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