Italian Word of the Day: Calvo (bald)

The word for bald or bald-headed in Italian is calvo, which comes from the Latin calvus of the same meaning. Its feminine form is calva and their respective plural forms are calvi and calve.


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Essere calvo means to be bald whereas diventare calvo means to go bald.

Sarò calvo fra qualche anno. Ho già una stempiatura, non vedi?

I’ll be bald in a few years. I already have a receding hairline, don’t you see?

Calvo can refer specifically to the head (i.e. testa calva = bald head) or to the person who is bald (i.e. un uomo calvo = a bald man).

Like many adjectives, calvo can also function as a noun that means bald-headed person or baldy. The opposite would be capellone, the word for a person with an abundance of hair.

Da giovane mio padre era un capellone, ma ora è completamente calvo.

My father had lots of hair when he was young, but now he’s completely bald.

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Sarò anche calvo ma ho una barba bella spessa! I may be bald, but I have a very thick beard!

Some other terms related to baldness include:

  • calvizie = baldness
  • pelata = bald spot
  • rapa = shaved head, bald head (lit: turnip)
  • perdere i capelli = to be balding, to lose one’s hair
  • stempiatura = receding hairline
  • essere stempiato = to have a receding hairline

A commonly used synonym for calvo is pelato. The latter has a broader meaning however, referring not only to bald heads but to any hairless part of the body or living thing.

Ho la testa tutta pelata adesso. Vabbè, almeno risparmierò i soldi del parrucchiere.

My head is completely bald now. Oh well, at least I won’t have to spend money at the hairdresser’s.

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