Italian Word of the Day: Oltremodo (extremely / exceedingly)

Today we’re going to be taking a look at the advanced adverb oltremodo which means extremely or exceedingly. It is the combination of the words oltre (beyond, over) and modo (way), and can be written as two separate words.

cover image with the word “oltremodo” and a woman struggling with work in the background

Oltremodo normally appears after verbs and before adjectives and nouns. For example:

  • annoiarsi oltremodo (verb + adverb) = to be extremely bored
  • arrabbiarsi oltremodo (verb + adverb) = to get extremely angry
  • essere oltremodo entusiasta (verb + adverb + adjective) = to be extremely enthusiastic
  • essere oltremodo confuso (verb + adverb + adjective) = to be extremely confused
  • avere oltremodo piacere (verb + adverb + noun) = to have the extreme pleasure

However, in rare cases it may appear after the adjective (e.g. essere lieto oltremodo = to be exceedingly happy).

Trovo che sia un caso oltremodo interessante, non sei d’accordo?

I find this to be an exceedingly interesting case, don’t you agree?

Era oltremodo felice. = She was extremely happy.

A very close synonym of oltremodo is oltremisura, with misura meaning measure. The two can be considered interchangeable.

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