Italian Word of the Day: Paghetta (pocket money / allowance)

When I was a child, I would always look forward to Saturday mornings, as that was the day I’d receive a dollar from my dad to put towards whatever toy I was hankering after at the time. In Italian, the word for pocket money or allowance is paghetta (feminine, plural: paghette).

Paghetta is the diminutive form of paga which means salary, pay or wages.

cover image with the word “paghetta” and its translation written on a notepad next to a cup of cofee

Some parents give their children a paghetta in exchange for doing simple household chores (faccende di casa), while others consider it a way to teach the child how to save and manage soldi (money).

I miei genitori mi danno la paghetta ogni settimana.

My parents give me pocket money every week.

Girl Saving Pocket Money In Glass Jar At Home
La bambina mette da parte la paghetta nel suo salvadanaio. – The little girl saves her pocket money in her money box.

One possible (albeit far less common) synonym for paghetta is mancetta (the diminutive form of mancia = tip, gratuity).

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