50 Common New Year’s Resolutions (Buoni Propositi) in Italian

The start of the New Year (anno nuovo) is typically when many people tend to make a list of resolutions (buoni propositi) for the following year. By taking stock of what worked during the previous year, we are able to set goals for the next.

Resolutions can be as simple as trying to lose weight or save money, or more specific, such as learning a new craft or in the case of anyone reading this blog, taking their Italian language skills to the next level!

In this article, you will find fifty of the most common New Year’s resolutions in Italian for 2022. Obviously it would be madness to try and put all 50 of them into practice so just focus on two or three that you feel you can achieve.

common new year's resolutions in italian

1. Dimagrire / Mangiare meno

English meaning: to lose weight / eat less

2. Mettersi in forma / Fare più esercizio fisico

English meaning: to get fit / to do more physical exercise

group of people walking in nature

3. Bere meno alcol

English meaning: to drink less alcohol

4. Mangiare meglio

English meaning: to eat better

fresh vegetables on a wooden table

5. Smettere di fumare

English meaning: to quit smoking

6. Saldare tutti i debiti

English meaning: to get out of debt

7. Risparmiare più soldi

English meaning: to save more money

8. Trovare un lavoro migliore

English meaning: to find a better job

9. Passare più tempo con la famiglia

English meaning: to spend more time with the family

family sitting together on top of a hill

10. Fare delle nuove amicizie

English meaning: to make new friends

11. Passare meno tempo sui social

English meaning: to spend less time on social media

12. Mettersi in proprio

English meaning: to start up your own business

13. Essere più responsabile nei confronti dell’ambiente

English meaning: to be more environmentally responsible

close-up of small white flowers

14. Dare in beneficenza

English meaning: to give to charity

15. Continuare a studiare

English meaning: to get a better education

16. Leggere più libri

English meaning: to read more books

17. Ridurre lo stress / Imparare a rilassarsi

English meaning: to reduce stress / to learn to relax

18. Migliorare i voti a scuola

English meaning: to get better grades at school

19. Imparare qualcosa di nuovo

English meaning: to learn something new

young man taking a photo with a reflex type camera, with hills and lakes in the background

20. Eliminare un brutto vizio

English meaning: to get rid of a bad habit

21. Fare volontariato per aiutare il prossimo

English meaning: to volunteer to help people

22. Sposarsi / Sistemarsi con qualcuno

English meaning: to get married / settle down with someone

close-up on a man's hand putting a wedding ring on his wife's finger

23. Fare un figlio

English meaning: to have a child

24. Migliorare il rapporto con le persone

English meaning: to improve your relationship with people

25. Fare pace con qualcuno

English meaning: to make up with someone

26. Passare più tempo nella natura

English meaning: to spend more time in nature

large tree with lake on the left and mountains in the background

27. Essere più spirituale / religioso

English meaning: to be more spiritual / religious

28. Pregare più spesso

English meaning: to pray more often

29. Essere più bravo a gestire il tempo

English meaning: to manage your time better

30. Essere più deciso

English meaning: to be more assertive

31. Essere più indipendente

English meaning: to be more independent

32. Ridere più spesso / Essere meno serio

English meaning: to laugh more / be less serious

young women and man smiling by the sea, with pint of beer on a wooden bench

33. Diventare più attivo politicamente

English meaning: to become more politically active

34. Imparare ad amare te stesso

English meaning: to learn to love yourself

35. Migliorare la propria conoscenza

English meaning: to improve one’s knowledge

36. Pensare positivo

English meaning: to think positively

37. Essere più coinvolto nella communità

English meaning: to be more involved in the community

38. Migliorare le tue abilità

English meaning: to improve your skills

young lady holding a violin

39. Sprecare di meno

English meaning: to waste less

40. Essere più aperto ad idee e opinioni diverse

English meaning: to be more open to different ideas and opinions

41. Fare un viaggio

English meaning: to take a trip

42. Visitare un posto dove non sei mai stato

English meaning: to visit a place you’ve never been

view of the cinque terre in Italy

43. Essere più socievole

English meaning: to be more sociable

44. Essere più paziente

English meaning: to be more patient

45. Riallacciare i rapporti con vecchi amici

English meaning: to reconnect with old friends

46. Passare meno tempo davanti alla TV / computer

English meaning: to spend less time in front of the TV / computer

47. Cucinare a casa più spesso / Mangiare meno fuori

English meaning: to cook at home more often / eat out less

nikujaga on the stove

48. Prendere più cura di te stesso

English meaning: to take better care of yourself

49. Dedicare più tempo a te stesso

English meaning: give yourself some “me” time

50. Vivere la vita al massimo

English meaning: to live life to the fullest

happy man with open arms, forest and mountains in the background

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