Italian Word of the Day: Febbraio (February)

Today is the first day of February (il primo giorno di febbraio) and that means the days are getting longer and winter is finally on its way out! 🙂

IPA: /febˈ

Febbraio is the second month (secondo mese) of the year according to the Julian and Gregorian calendars. As is the case with all months of the year, febbraio isn’t capitalised in Italian as it is in English.

Il compleanno di mia moglie è a febbraio.

My wife’s birthday is in February.

It is also the shortest month of the year, consisting of just 28 days. However, for every year that is divisible by four including the year 2020, an extra date is added to the month of February. These years are called leap years (anni bisestili) and the 29th day is called leap day (giorno bisestile).

The star sign (segno zodiacale) for those born in febbraio is either Acquario (Aquarius) or Pesci (Pisces).

Did you know that…?
The word febbraio is based on the Latin februarius, from Februa, the name of an ancient, possibly pre-Roman purification festival held between the 13th and 15th of the month.

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