Italian Word of the Day: Luglio (July)

We have officially entered the first days of July (i primi giorni di luglio) which means it is time to get out the swimsuits, sunscreen and the classic Spritz – one of Italy’s favourite alcoholic summer drinks!

IPA: /ˈlu.ʎo/

Luglio is the seventh month (settimo mese) of the year according to the Julian and Gregorian calendars. As is the case with all months of the year, luglio isn’t capitalised in Italian as it is in English.

Il mese di luglio dura 31 giorni.

July lasts for 31 days.

The star sign (segno zodiacale) for those born in luglio is either Cancro (Cancer) if you were born between July 1st and July 22nd or Leone (Leo) if you were born after the 22nd.

girl sitting next to stairs in a sunny costal location
Vado in vacanza a luglio quest’anno. = I’m going on holidays in July this year.

Did you know that…?
The words luglio and July both come from the Latin name for the month, iūlius. The Latins named the month as such in honour of Julius Caesar who was born in July.

Expressions featuring the word ‘luglio’

Farsi bello col sole di luglio

Literal translation: to make yourself beautiful with the July sun
English meaning:
to brag about something you don’t deserve

Vendere il sole di luglio

Literal translation: to sell the July sun
English meaning:
to make someone believe that something is precious or rare when in actual fact it is abundant

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