Italian Word of the Day: Vincitore (winner)

The Italian word for a male winner is vincitore (masculine, plural: vincitori). If you are talking about a female, this becomes vincitrice (feminine, plural: vincitrici). A useful way to remember this word is to think of the English terms victor or invincible.

/vin·ci·tó·re/ – /vin·ci·trí-ce/

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Il vincitore del torneo ha donato tutto il premio in denaro a un’organizzazione di beneficenza.

The winner of the tournament donated all the prize money to charity.

Vincitore assoluto means overall winner whereas vincitore morale is the moral victor or moral winner.

Note: You may also hear the terms premiato (male) / premiata (female), both of which derive from premio (prize / award).

Group of young football champions raising hands with gold award
Piccoli vincitori = Little winners

In addition to being nouns, vincitore and its feminine equivalent can also function as adjectives that mean winning or victorious. They can be used to describe both people and things. For example:

  • il giocatore vincitore = the winning player
  • la squadra vincitrice = the winning team
  • i cavalli vincitori = the winning horses
  • le carte vincitrici = the winning cards

In this case, it is possible to substitute vincitore with the adjectives vincente or vittorioso.

Idioms featuring the word ‘vincitore’

Salire sul carro del vincitore

Literal translation: to get on the winner’s chariot
English meaning: to jump on the bandwagon

Non ci sono né vincitori né vinti

Literal translation: there aren’t winners or losers
English meaning: there aren’t winners or losers

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